Greetings from Big Sky Country

I recently made the decision to purchase a SPF Mark I, after originally planning to buy an ERA Cobra kit for a winter project. But aside from the fact they are quoting 14 month delivery time, I don’t enjoy the wrenching as much as I used to. I raced formula cars with the SCCA, VARA and HSR, doing most of the car prep myself. The Ralt RT 5 Supervee and Lola T440 Formula Ford still occupy my garage, along with a C6 ZR 1 and C7 Z06 Corvette. I am old enough to have lived the disappointment of 64 & 65 Le Mans, through radio updates. And regaled in the 66, and especially the 67win, since my teenage hero, Dan Gurney, won. Following that up a week later with his marvelous win at Spa.
I’ve made most of the decisions regarding what options I want on the car, but I still have a few choices to make. I will be meeting with the engine shop, recommended by the dealer, the week after next. It sounds like there is more than enough collective wisdom and experience here to help resolve any issues I may encounter. I look forward to the experience.

Randy V

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Welcome to Bart!!! Enjoy our forums and we look forward to seeing a pic or two of you and your new car!
Welcome Bart.
You made me google the Ralt and the T44 which are awesome and I figured out that you probably live in Montana.
Best regards from the Netherlands.

Dave Hood

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Welcome to the forum, Bart. Lots of Superformance owners here whose experience you'll benefit from. Good luck with your purchase.

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Bart. Good choice in the car. Lots of collective knowledge on this site. Look at build logs and ideas for your car will really start flowing. I look forward to reading about your build.

Regards Brian
Now I’ve done it. My deposit has been placed on SPF P2442, a Mark I Gulf liveried car. Production is scheduled for July of 2022, and I will (hopefully) have my car on the road by this time next year. It’s going to be a long year.
I ordered my car through Hilllbank Motor Corp. in Irvine, California. Since there are no dealers close, I talked to them via telephone. They emailed me information, including an order form with the various options, and option pricing. After exchanging more emails with several lists of questions, I visited their showroom in Irvine to look at cars, I had coincidentally already had a trip scheduled to Los Angeles. They had four cars to inspect, which I believe were wither spoken for, or customer owned cars. I have already made the majority of my choices regarding options, but since my build date is still 7/8 months away, I was told that changes can be made up to a month or two before production.