Griffin trans axles

I am patiently waiting also I love that it uses the Richmond internals and the 8.8 Ford diff. Mine is the kit that isn't spoken of on this forum, But I like the tech on this forum. Mendeola was what I was originally going to use. The Griffin is the best, most well thought out option I have seen. I hope to see one soon.:thumbsup:
Elephant bits ........ some thing I tell myself when I stand back and think to holy shit what do I do next....

Looking good BTW.....
Looks like Griffin ( De Lynn ) is making some good progress on this toy, some more tantilising snippets of info on quite a few & ye shall find:)
thought i might give this a bump as well, seeing as trying to find a DG300 is like trying to find rocking horse poop,
Particularly interested in price and availability of the G Force straight cut 6 speed box with bell housing to suit an LS3

cheers John
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i saw that one Troy but its been modified to be set up as a rear drive box, bugger

Also is there a drawing available for the actual shifter arrangement for the Griffen trans, because if i cant package the shifter the trans is no good to me.

cheers John
Hi John,

What are you building, I'm guessing it is not for the GT40 as you say it to go behind a LS chevy. Do you specificaly need a 6 speed. How soon do you need it??

Cheers Leon.
Hi Leon, looking for a CR box to go behind the LS3 in another 5000, this ones for me.
engine power range will be 4500 to 7500

cheers John
I saw in a post in another area that Fran confirmed DeLynn is still laboring to bring the GGBx to production status.

DeLynn, if you see this could you give us just a brief update on status?

Please? :anxious: