GT 106 Ford GT 40 MK II 7 Liter prototype sale?


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just came across it...also a nice old picture?? with wings?

the car looks now like this...

more pics>>


Ford GT 40 MK II 7 Liter prototype, Chassis Nr. GT 106

During the test program with the already ultra fast small block GT 40, Ford decided to build, as a second generation GT 40, two 7 litre prototypes which would go even faster.The order to build this cars, GT 106 and GT 107, with the 427 CID engines was given to Kar Kraft, a company belonging to Ford.

Work started in July 1964 on GT 106 and was completed by May 1965.
GT 106 and GT 107 where 2 out of the 4 prototype chassis build out of thinner sheet metal -22 gauges instead of 24-gauges in an attempt to reduce weight.

These second generation MK II GT 40 were basically completely different cars. To cope with all the extra power of the big engine, a new 4- speed manual transmission including differential got developed by Kar Kraft, many chassis alterations had to be made to allow the big engine.

After extensive testing with GT 106 by Tom Payne and Ken Miles on Ford’s Romeo proving ground, reaching more then 210 Miles and further test’s on the Riverside track, the car returned to Kar Kraft. The car was completely stripped, rebuilt and prepared to be send to Le Mans for the 24 hour Race together with GT 107 and several other 289 GT 40`s.

The decision to take the 7 litre cars to Le Mans, which was only 4 weeks away, was taken after this impressive tests and the Le Mans Race would be the ultimate test. For the cars the time for preparation was so short that the cars where airlifted for all transports.
In Le Mans, the 7 litre GT 106 was driven by Bruce Mc Laren and Ken Miles. The car made the fastest lap in the race with a top speed of 342 kmh, was leading the race until the first fuel stop, regained the lead until it troped out after 4 hours with gear box problems. The sister car GT 107 driven by Phil Hill and Cris Amon droped out after seven hours with gear box problems as well.

Never the less the overvelming speed convinced the Ford management that the 7 litre car would be the future and so the MK II was born. The impressive victories proved it and the MK II became an Icon.

10. 07.1991 FIA (FICHE D’INDENTITE POUR VOITURE ANCIENNE) have been granted. With the assistance of Brian Wingfield GT 106 was raced in many historic races all over the world, like Silverstone, Tour de France, Nürburgring with invitations to Aida Japan, Laguna Seca (Pebble Beach) USA. In several races the car finished first in front of a bunch of Ferrari
In 2008 new, current FIA papers where issued, the car had a new complete overhaul, including engine, gea rbox, brakes, suspenions, new FIA requested rubber tanks. Wiht the car there are several boxis of spare parts, gear ratios, spezial tools and two extra sets of wheels.

GT 106 is again ready for Racing and winning.
it says LHD in the ad :drunk: ofcorse its RHD
I guess its for free, no price in the ad...

Sadly, the black and silver car that is for sale, beautiful though it is, is an outright fake. It never even existed as bare metal until the 1980s when it was one of the batch of chassis that Franco Sbarro had built up at that time. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with GT/106. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

As is now extremely well known, Sbarro fraudulently claimed one of his new chassis to be GT40 P/1033 and contracted to build that up for a client. He did the same for GT40 P/1040 and GT40 P/1079. He had indeed owned all three of these cars, all as stripped out crashed or burnt cars, but had then also sold all three. Unperturbed by this minor inconvenience, Sbarro fraudulently claimed the three absolutely brand new cars he built up on his own brand new chassis were those very three cars he had already sold, 1033, 1040 and 1079.

He also built up a fake 1048 and sold the original 1048 which he was not the owner of.

Over the years his fakes have been claimed to be 1000, 1023, 1033, 1039, 1040, 1047, 1048, 1079, 1085, 1113, and this car's claim, GT/106. Utterly outrageous.

Sbarro has claimed three of his fakes to be 1039, which is a car he has never owned.

One single car has been claimed to be four different original GT40s.

You get the idea?

When I was in America last year it was brought to my attention that there was an advert on Anamera for this black and silver Sbarro. Not only was it being claimed outright to be 1965 prototype GT/106, but the advert also claimed that I had personally inspected every inch of the car and had given it my total approval! The very next day (coincidentally, I'm sure, only two days after I had made my first ever posting on this forum, and it had been largely about Sbarro and his fakes) the advert had been entirely removed from Anamera. I was incensed, as I had intended taking legal action! I recently wrote to the Swiss company which is currently advertising this car for sale and warned them it was an outright fake, and was a fake that had been sold new as a still bare Sbarro chassis to its current owner, who knows perfectly well that it is a fake.

It is a shame that a car as nice as this is being harmed by not being accepted for the genuine Sbarro car it is, by the owner who knows perfectly well that's what it is. Instead, the charade of representing it as a genuine Ford GT40 goes on. And since it is not the genuine Ford GT40 it is being claimed as, it can only be referred to as a fake.

I would be delighted to own this car. But I would be owning a genuine Sbarro, not a fake Ford.

I will be making some postings giving lots of detail of the various Sbarro cars in the near future.

But for now, everybody out there....BE WARNED!

Ronnie Spain
Sbarro is not even a good faker. This car claimed to be 106 has the later type roof vent when pictures of genuine 106 show the early "across the rear bulkhead" type of vents. Also the late production deletion of the body line at the top of the side windows that flows into the uppr rear panel scoops.

Never mind the MK II "B" instrument panel!

Sad that this type of stuff happens....but anyone who plays in this league without proper due diligence likely deserves what they get!
Rick Muck - Mark IV,

That's the thing that upsets me as much as anything. Sbarro made no attempt whatsoever to have his new chassis even remotely identical (can something be remotely identical? Hmmm!) to original GT40 chassis. You would think if he was going to spend the next 30 years lying about the damn things he would have tried even just a little to make them look genuine to back up his lies. But no.

I know I am repeating myself, but I have no problem with Sbarros existing as Sbarros. Everything has a right to exist for what it is. But I'll be damned if I'm going to accept them existing as Fords.

I am so impressed by the quality of work that has gone into many of the more recent GT40 replicas that are available, and there are total one-offs being built by individuals in the garages of their homes that are so damn accurate they blow me away.

But Sbarro couldn't be bothered. He just built chassis to hang GT40 bodywork on and then told lies, lies and more lies, as - it has to be said - have many of the owners of his cars.

I find it insulting in the extreme that he or his customers should claim authenticity for cars so clearly non-authentic.

And it certainly is not rocket science. A five-year old could tell a Sbarro from an original.

Yet the lies go on.

But as I said, there will be more to come on this subject. Much more.

Ronnie Spain


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I found also it was a bit suspicious comparing the old and "new" but then most have changed through the years or after repairs sometimes.
Respect for your work Ronnie, I always though mister Sbarro only made 2 or 3 "replica's" which he claimed real and then became fake's...
So he made even more of those and claimed them for real (bad boy he is)...
and its even more a sad story that in some ads saying that you (Ronnie) checked the car for its authenticity and you "said" is a genuine one...

sad and sorry to hear, you could sue? them, they are disrespectful and harm people in trust (and their pocket and our good name)

keep up the good work Ronnie ;-)

Jim Craik

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The body appears interesting, it's a MKI nose, with a MKII rear with nicely done fender flairs.
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Ronnie I am, sure this car was at Silverstone for the GT40 get together in the 1980's when you let me have 'your' ride I think I have pictures of it being loaded on its transported. I think the owner might have been German?
Regards Allan
Thank you to Ronnie for stepping up and publicly clearing the air about this one.

Some honest and straight forward talk in the realm of exotic/vintage car sales can be rare.

I would certainly have taken legal action had the Anamera advert not mysteriously disappeared when I went on-line the very next day to download it all as Print Screen grabs. I assume somebody warned the owner that I was posting about the Sbarro fakes on this forum, so he had the advert pulled down immediately. From memory, the wording in the current Swiss advert is much the same as was the Anamera, except that it does not claim I have authenticated the car. Little bit here, little bit there.


Yes, that's the same car, and it belonged to the same guy then as it does now. I'm refaining from naming him at the moment to give him the chance to cut out the crap and represent the car for what it actually is, and not for what it isn't. I don't know why I am giving him the benefit, he doesn't deserve it, but for now I am.


As a Sbarro, it's a good car and a great looker. I've always liked it.

But I like it as a Sbarro. It is not a Ford.

As I said, though, more to come on this and other innaccurately represented cars soon.

Regards to all,

Ronnie Spain

My book wouldn't have told you the whole story, as not all was known back in 1986 when it was written.

Neither 106 nor 107 is still around. One was cut in half and the rear half mounted on a test rig by Timken Bearings in 1966, and the other was destroyed in a comprehensive crash test in 1967.

Hasn't stopped both of them being claimed as extant, but there you go.

Lots on both cars in the new book. (Printed equivalent of subliminal advertising there!)


Jac Mac

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So one would have been the car in the photo thats been posted in the past with fuel/fluid being forced out of the fuel filler when on the crash test rig, & I think this might be the 1/2 car on the test rig for Timken & simulated transaxle endurance testing..
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I cannot get the speed quoted for the 1965 427 Ford GT's? The Ford's in 1965 were only timed at 199 mph not 342kph (213.75 mph). Sure Miles car in testing reached 210mph but the 24 hours Le Mans is a race of endurance. In 1966 the MKIIs were raced at 210mph along the Mulsanne straight according to the teams official race plan. In 1967 the MKIIB's were timed at 206mph;the MKIV's were timed at 213mph. This might be because the time hut was at the start of the Mulsanne rather than at the end. This speed limit was imposed by the team plan for tactics and reliability. I do not believe the 1965 big blocks could hit 213mph!!? Same as the 1965 325 cu in Ford GT's hitting 212mph!!?
Regards Allan
A five-year old could tell a Sbarro from an original.
But as I said, there will be more to come on this subject. Much more.

Can't wait too... ! My friend Serge, living in South of France, has just bought what should (could ?) be a Sbarro... No confusion there, it was sold to him as a Sbarro...

See :

It's a car waiting for complete reassembling (some parts are missing however). Serge would love to have details to help identification of his particular car.

(Still, Sbarro or not, that tub and these parts look nice !)


If you PM me with either your e-mail address or that of your friend Serge, I'll be happy to try to help him in any way I can. A Sbarro owner who's happy to be a Sbarro owner, he can only be a good guy.

And for the record once again, I have absolutely nothing against the cars Sbarro built. But the lies that have been told about them, yes, those I have a big problem with!

But your friend Serge's car, no lies, so absolutely no problems as far as I am concerned, and I wish him every success with the project. If he can tell me what he knows about the car, I think I should be able to add some history to it for him.

Ronnie Spain

You have a PM !

I can confirm that Serge is one of the kindest gearhead I know, and he is soooo happy to have found this car ! (and you know what ? ... I'm jealous !):thumbsup: