GT-R Engine Cover Hinge Info

If you are going to fit a hinge kit then here is a little info that may help.
before you do anything make sure that you're body panels fit well together alignment wise, a 3/16" gap rear of engine cover to tail is about as tight as you can use. Make sure that the top surfaces of the engine cover to tail joint are level with each other where they meet. Cut a piece of plywood to the top surface profile of the rear edge of the engine cover, this will allow you to hold the correct profile while the engine cover is upside down and you are glassing the stiffener to the underside.
When bonding on the blocks for the hinges to bolt to also run three or four flat head bolts drilled and tapped into the block from the top side through the old latch pocket, I would not wish to rely soley on the adhesive. use a straight edge across the two blocks to ensure they are level to each other.
Where the hinges bolt to the tail support beam, aim to get the pivot pin as high as possible to the underside of the tail. you may need to add a shim. I have just drilled and tapped the steel to hold the hinges in place.
I liberal amount of sanding to the location fingers will help with them locating with one another.

Once the stiffener is added the rear edge of the engine cover will need to be about 1/4" between the hinge blocks. and 7/8" past that.