GT40 1034 & 1109 at Speed on Tweed

It was great to see both 1034 and 1109 at the same event this weekend. What a fantastic weekend ! Shame the replicas weren't allowed to enter this year though....


Wayne Park was driving Rob Sherrard's Gulf coloured car. WOW !!!! A quality driver in a well sorted car proved to be a mind-blowing combination. He came second outright with a time of 42.89 seconds !!!!!!!!! He was beaten by a Formula 3 car, but when you think of all of the Renmax, Brabham, Chevron, Elfin, Porsche, March, Kaditcha and Ferrari competitors, I think he did pretty well....

Bowden's car only cruised around, and didn't post any times.

One huge downer for the weekend was the shock death of the Jon Chippendall. He hit the safety barrier in turn 3 (the tight right-hander before the service station corner) and was pronounced DOA at the hospital. Here's a photo I took of his previous run at lunchtime Sunday afternoon.
Back to happier thoughts - here's another shot of Wayne in the GT40, accelerating into turn 2. Have a look at the front suspension height compared to the photo of the same car in the first photo!
Yes Brian. Murwillumbah is about 20 minutes from the Qld / NSW border, and the town welcomes the historic racers each year.
Craig, I know you won't mind if I add some more photos, some different angles of GT40 #1034. I took these at Noosa Classic October 2003.

This was the first time I had seen the GT40 since it had been repainted. When David Bowden purchased the GT in 1999 it was painted in Gulf colours.

As far as I know Kevin Bartlett has been the sole driver of this car in competition events. It competed regularly when first purchased, but I haven't seen it race recently.

David Bowden keeps this car in his office. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

As far as I know #1034 & #1109 are the only 2 original GT40's in Aus. There have been rumours of others though...


As far as I know #1034 & #1109 are the only 2 original GT40's in Aus. There have been rumours of others though...

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#1030 lived in Australia from '68 until '94.
Re: GT40 1034 & 1109 at Speed on Tweed

#1030 lived in Australia from '68 until '94.

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Ben, thanks didn't know #1030 had been in Australia. Classic Cars have a chassis number list with a blank entry for #1030. Classic Cars GT40 Listing Link

Just realised that inspiration for modern GT40 was old chassis number #1030, amazing. Check this link for information.

I was talking about GT40's currently in Aus. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Even #1034 had been in Aus before. George Parlby brought it back to Australia in mid 70's, it was sold to US buyer in late 80's. I'm guessing that would have been one of the things that made #1034 attractive to David Bowden to buy, the import duty had already been paid. Imagine the import duty on the rumoured 1.2million purchase price. Then again maybe it didn't even cross his mind. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
Great information ! Who would have thought that little ol' Australia could have been home to such wonderful cars. On a similar note, I have been trying to locate an M8 Mclaren Canam car that Barry Singleton used to drive here in Australia in the 70's. I found an M8D advertised in the US that apparently had some race time in Australia driven by a Don O'Sullivan (from memory). There's obviously some history buffs here that might know the car...
I did some checking in Ronnie Spains book. Apparently at the time of writting the book P1018 was in Australia. I remember being at an event in England (Ithink it was Siverstone) and seeing a maroon GT40 that belonged to the Australian band AC/DC. I was wondering which chassis number this was?. Since it was based in Australia.