GT40 50th Reunion- CHANGES!!!!


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Plan "C":
Have Hillbank planned a track day for all the GT40s on the west coast! Lets say... at a track like... ummm... Laguna Seca?

Ron Earp

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I would like to accompany you on the anniversairy, I have never been before and live in Virginia. I own a Ford GT40 MKI, MKII and a 2005 Ford GT. If you will allow me to come I will bring all three of my Fords via articulated lorry and I met let some of you guys have a go with my Ford GT. Please will you give me details so I am able to accompany you. This is my first post.
I think what is needed is to post what is available/planed. We need to see some locations and dates, along with planned activities for those events, not to exclude housing. I have some contact at VRBO so we should be able to get something that keeps everyone close to the "action". We need to hear from the planners with details. Any info should be placed here to keep it together. So lets hear from you guys in the know.