Trying to learn about the GT40 I just inherited

Hey everyone, being totally honest, I know nothing about GT40s but that's why I am here, to learn. My dad passed away recently and he had a GT40 kit car. I am trying to identify it and learn more about it. I may keep it as a project for the future or I may sell it, I'm not sure. It has been sitting outside for a long time. I tried doing some research on my own and the reality is, I don't have enough info or know enough for that to even help. Any information you all could pass along about this kit car would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Brian Kissel

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Hi Emily. Welcome to GT40S. From the one picture you provided, I don’t think it’s a actual GT40 kit. I believe it might be a Fiberfab Aztec perhaps. There are others on here with better eyes than I for that car. I’m sure someone here more knowledgeable will chime in .
Good luck on your research and enjoy the forum.

Regards Brian

Randy V

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Welcome to GT40s, Emily! I’m sure you’ll find some good information here that is relatable to your car. Should you decide to bring it back to a drivable car, please feel free to share the build by starting a Build Log in our Wings, Wheels and Keels forum!