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After spending a few long days surfing all the posts, links, etc. to which I have much more to view, I've arrived at one question. Being, I am formulating many aspects of a build and reviewing all I can on most manufacturers, I tend to think there are a number of reasons to more heavily weigh a decision on a local company to the buyer, thus automatically limiting the sources in ones decision.

For example, I would think dealing with an American supplier (I'm from Montana) I would be able to visit the manufacturer, readily talk on the phone (inexpensively & on a local time) for Q & A, source parts needed quicker (and returns/exchanges), and pay far less in shipping and save in transit time. It just seems these factors alone could make or break a smooth build.

Has this factor been a major contributer to any of the builders here in there choice of manufacturer? :D

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

The factors you mention were HUGE for me when I was building my car. Some of the additional factors that I faced that someone today probably wouldn't were: I had no build manual and there was no until I was well into my build. (Ron bought his car after he and his wife visited me during my build, then he started the forum ;-)

That said, I think that these factors are still deserving of heafty weighting in the decesion making process. Additionally, viability of the vendor should be included. (My vendor vanished towards the end of my build, which did cause some problems, but, thank God, he waitied until I was nearly done before disappearing into the ether-or, at least, the nether parts of England or possibly South Africa, no one seems to know for sure. John D, if you are out there, I think the statute of limitations is up by now; drop us a line some time.)

I learned my lesson after getting screwed by the old Roaring Forties[Robert Logan] to never send your hard earned money out of the country.You have very little chance of recovering anything.Why order out of the country when there is a great company in Detroit.[RCR]

Randy V

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I reviewed the information and websites for all of the currently available GT40 Replicas including those made out of the USA.
I sent emails and made phone calls.
I made my decision based on a number of factors;
1) Company has local (US) Representation
2) US Based Support
3) Product is Well developed and Well respected
4) Product had engineering and innovation that appealed to me beyond the others.
i too was concerned about what choices were available. when i looked at the various manufacturers, i scheduled two visits: one to a dealer in Oregon and one manufacturer in Detroit. after talking with both, i was convinced that if i needed help, both would be available. it seemed that all the manufacturers used a jig welded tube frame. seemed to be the standard. i wanted to visit rcr because he had a all alum frame and it looked interesting. of course, price played a part. but after visiting rcr, i cancelled my trip to oregon and ordered from rcr. the quality was what was advertised. i also felt the frame and the suspension with it was well engineered and top quality.
being in the usa is a real plus.
hope this helps.