GT40 or FORD / side stripe

Period racing pictures of 40's all seem to say FORD or FORD GT along the rockers. Was GT40 ever used? Appears many contemporary builds use GT40.
I looked at several hundred pics I have. Variety of fonts and configurations but I do not see GT40 on any original cars. Either FORD or FORD GT. But they all seem to have been put on by an owner somewhere along the way with various layouts of sill stripes and letters. I was always curious about this myself as the road cars clearly did not come that way from the factory. Same with how the headlight buckets got painted black as some point as well as how the plexiglass light covers got black edge paint. Somebody started it and others followed is my bet.
A license legal reason make sense and you are correct Lee that the styles are all over the place. Funny, Ford can't use GT40 and Safir/Superformance can't use Ford.
I know I added it because SPF said - "do you want GT40 in the side stripes?" and I said something like "um, sure" real planning, nor strong desire, on my part . I know I wasn't trying to make a true replica of anything...just a nice car to put a smile on my face.
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Rod Dittmar

I guess that with these cars it's just a matter of personal taste. What looks good to you? It's not a GT40, or a FORD GT, or even a FORD for that matter. As for me, I spent some time looking at a lot of pictures. I decided I liked the look & simplicity and just had 'FORD' put on my side stripes. Hoping Ford takes no offense for that and sues me......
At least Ford themselves did put Mercury on a few.
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