GT40 public attention

I can't count the number of kids that have photos taken behind the wheel of my former GT40. Hell, the upholstery is durable and cleans easy. It only takes a moment to make a memory some of these kids will remember forever and possibly steer them from the "dark side"

However one memorable event happened at the same Carlisle show mentioned earlier. Hot, sunny day and the car was displayed with the door open. Dad asks if his three year old can sit in the car for a photo. "Sure" I answer and dad picks up Junior who is dressed in shorts and tank top and drops into the seat.......onto the thermonuclear hot seat grommets! Kid screams bloody murder and dad can't understand why said kid is trying to scramble out of the car and not sitting still for picture! I ran into the same guy at another event and he told me he was the father of the screaming kid. I asked if the kid still had grommet marks on his skin and dad said "Nah".

Dave Hood

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Nice photos, Veek. I enjoy having kids sit in my car at Cars and Coffee here in Charlotte. Puts a huge smile on their face. And we've all probably made the grommet mistake wearing shorts. But it's an error you only make once!
I'm an introvert. I don't like talking about myself, but I'm quite happy to spend a couple hours in the hot sun at a car show talking with people about the car.
I have been "showing" cars for more than 40 years. In that time I've experienced all kinds of positive and negative situations. Chris your comments are unnecessary and disregard the cost and effort it takes to put an automobile in a public location for others to see and appreciate. This is not done for a trophy or monetary reward.

As an owner I expect a minimum level of respect for my property and recognize that not everybody gets it. for every kid/adult who can't keep their hands to themselves, there's many who enjoy seeing automobiles not in the normal purview. There are many kids who had their picture taken in my 40 because I enjoy seeing the smile it brings. Hopefully these people will have the opportunity to someday display their vehicle for the pleasure of others.
Well said!