GT40 side impact protection

The GT is very nice, and I like the shape a lot. I still, however, like the original shape of the GT40 much better, in particular the MK2. The curves, the aspect ratios, the wheel sizes, it all just fits together so well.


I would not want to change any of the relative measurements. The GT's size is roughly 10-12% larger than the original GT40 as was noted before, there is more room inside in particular as the fuel tanks are not in the sills. Nice.

Wheelbase GT: 106.7" (+12% compared to GT40)
Width GT: 76.9" (+10% compared to GT40)
Height GT: 44.3" (+10% compared to GT40)
Weight GT: 1520 kg (+67% compared to GT40)

Comparison to a Lamborghini Aventador, an exceptionally wide car:

Wheelbase Aventador: 106.3" (+12% compared to GT40)
Width Aventador: 80" (+14% compared to GT40)
Height Aventador: 44.7" (+10% compared to GT40)
Weight Aventador: 1575 kg (+74% compared to GT40)

Scaling the origial GT40 up by 20% would indeed result in a pretty large car. Scaling it up by 15% would probably be a great solution. That's just what I think. I think I have got to make it happen somehow ;)
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