Gt40 tips/suggestions etc?

Hi everyone!
I'm new here and have started planning my GT40 build.
I have read much and have been trying to figure out my options and so on, but seems like there is a ton of answers and alternatives.
First off all, I live in Norway, northern Europe, and as far as I know, there is only one GT40's in Norway, and old kit car from Sweden made in the 80'. Which means I'm "alone".
I have a lot of experience with working on and building cars, latest a GT86 driftcar which I'm competing in. (Davangerdrifting on FB/IG.)
So I want to ask a few questions to help my process before I take actions :)

1. Whick kit to go for? I have watched several threads about different kits, and have sort of narrowed it down to a few manufacturers, SouthernGT, tornado and RCR. I know there are others, but these are the ones I have read most about.
I want to buy a complete kit, which includes everything!. I don't want to use a lot of time to search for parts other places and so on.
I am not about building the most expencive and badass looking build, and I don't want to spend more than I have to. Just to have a car like this at all and as long as it's functional and things looks good I'm satisfied if you know what I mean.
-Off course engine and trans need to be bought separately, which brings me to my next question.

2. Which engine and trans to go for?
In Norway there is a lot of technical rules to get this so called "amateur build" approved and to get it road legal. One of them is Maximum 20KW per 100kg.
I don't know how much these cars ending up weighing, but that limits the engine selection a bit I guess. A stock Ford SM with about 300-350hp should probably work?
And for the trans, it's not tempting to spend a lot on a G50 or graziano since the engine power is not that high. I've seen people using the Audi and Renault trans, which are a bit cheaper option? And are they reliable?
-Does all cars work together with the most common engine/trans setups or are they limited to a certain choices?

3. LHD vs Rhd? I know the original cars are RHD's and most of the kits are that as well. Off course it would have been best to have a LHD car, but not an requirement.
Not all kits have LHD as an option I guess? And for the future value, I also guess it will be better to have it as orginial as possible, which means RHD?

4. Monocoque vs steelframe. What are your experiences with these two? And what would you recommend? I guess the Alloy monocoque is far more expencive than steel frame. And same for the suspension parts, some use steel, and some use billet alloy.
Not going to use the car on track btw.

In advance, thanks!
I am building a GT40 in Lillestrøm. You can call me (number in pm) if you want to discuss what I am doing. In short words, gtforte chassis, Gox body, Audi engine and gearbox.

Ian Anderson

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Hi and Welcome

Couple of Answers - most cars end up around 1000 - 1150 kg (Space Frame cars)
With your power limit you would also get away with a Rover type block (Rover, Morgan TVR) probably up to 250hp
Any Ford 302 could be detuned to that sort of number. Ford 302, Edelbrock heads and a reasonable cam is around 350hp

Gearbox / transaxle, in the UK a lot of people use the Renault UN1,(Up to 400hp) but now offerings from the VW Audi Group are making more sense as newer and can handle the power and have good ratios - especially from diesel cars. You should look at fitting a limited slip differential

Most manufacturers offer both RHD and LHD options.

Small block Ford HiPo engine which you find in Foxbody Mustangs and Mercury RX7's had a whoping 225bhp. Good to start with, easy to upgrade after registration.