GT40s Admins

Ron Earp

Dear Forum Members,

I want to take a minute to introduce the folks that work on the forum on your behalf, your friendly administrators!

I've chosen several long-time forum members to act as moderator/admins based on their history of posts, skills, and just generally being good people. Most of you guys already know who they are, but I thought I'd put it out here for reference in case you have problems, concerns, or other things you need help with - lost passwords, can't login, and so forth.

Paul Thompson - located in Milland West Sussex, Uk
Al Hirsbrunner - located in Chicago IL, USA
Lynn Larsen - located in Raleigh NC, USA

Please give them a hearty thanks! And feel free to email or PM me, or these fine fellows, with any concerns or problems you might have.


Paul, Al, & Lynn,

Surpassing 100K posts, and having help when you need it is always a plus.

Thank you all for making this web site what it is. Much appreciated.

Gary Kadrmas


Lifetime Supporter
I've always believed that, no matter where you're at or what you're involved in, leadership sets the tone - all of which makes 'our' forum a perfect example.

With extremely rare exception, the membership is supportive, professonal, knowledgable and tolerant of other viewpoints. Again, tone is set at the top.

Thanks, guys, for your investment of time and talent. We're ALL grateful.



Bill Hara

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GT40s Supporter
I've been on board for over 5 years and it's all thanks to your efforts, Ron, Lynn and Al that is so good. This is a top forum and certainly invaluable to those of us that have been building cars.......
Of course 99% of the members are fantastic too as they have followed the leader's examples.

I'm waiting for mine and have learned much from what I have been able to read. Thanks to all who have shared their knowledge.

Doug S.

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Grateful thanks to those who selflessly invest the time in monitoring and moderating this forum. This site is becoming much more popular b/c of the attitude, and in my experience that comes from the top down.

Kudos to Ron, Lynn, Al, and Paul!!



A big THANK YOU to all! Your diligence and expertise allows the forum members here to enjoy a wonderful camraderie and collegiality that is truly extradordinary today. Please keep up the wonderful work!