GT40s Children's Cars (Le Mans)

Hi guys,

New thread here, to help people in the future who might be interested in these things. This thread was inspired by an earlier thread called "Loooking for info" initiated by a fellow who owns a GT40 children's car and wanted more information about them.

Doing some homework, I discovered extensive information was available in Automobile Quarterly magazine, Volume 6 No. 4, dated Spring 1968.

There were actually two articles there; one dealt with a collector of children's cars who went on to found a company that produced replicas of period race cars, and sponsored a race series that culminated in a children's race before the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The other was a tongue-in-cheek road test of a children's GT40.

I scanned the relevant pages and organized them into two folders; a link to these two folders appears here:

Children's Car Articles

Once you get to that page, you can open up the two folders and view the pages as JPG images. They initially open in a relatively small size; in the upper right corner, you have the option of clicking on the link to open the pages in full size.

Note the extremely high cost of the GT40 children's car when new; $995 was a bunch of money in 1968, considering that you could buy a brand new Mustang (a real one!) from Ford for under $2500 at the time!
Mike, this is a lot of fun and thank you for posting it. The little GT40s are very cool- Shelby team colors and all. Lucky kids. I'm jealous.
I have one on my facebook page along with the rest of my go-kart collection. I think I'm trying to make up for my childhood as we just picked up a 1969 Camaro go kart body [first chevy in a ford line up]