GTD build manuals

Only a flying visit.
As I was a member and long time enthusiast many years ago, I made PDF copies of the original GTD build manual (with permission from Ray Christopher) to assist GTD builders without their original manuals.
These were made available on the GTD club website which I understand is either no longer in existence or does not have a website.
Anyway, just dropped by to let people know that I DO still have copies of the full GTD build manual in PDF form and it anyone would like a copy, just drop me an email.
I also have some parts left over from an old GTD I once owned but as I'm not a member and not allowed to post in the for sale section (afaik) they'll have to stay in the garage.
I probably WON'T be checking back here anytime soon so DON'T put any requests here, rather email me at simonjrwinter follow that with an at sign and then it's hotmail then a dot and finally a com

Ron Earp

Simon, it has always been the case that if you have parts you own and are in your possession then you can list them for sale here. The site does require name, location, and pictures but there are no membership requirements.

You could also upload the GTD build manual to the site if you wish to make it available for people to download. If it is larger than the upload attachment limit then you or someone can email it to me and I'll upload it to the site directly.
As part of my leaving the GT40 world (I've sold my car and it ships to Europe in a couple of days), I've scanned and uploaded several documents to my company web site. The GTD build manual (hand written copy from 1986) is in two pdf files at the following website url and I'll leave them up for a while. I tried uploading them here, but had issues. If someone else wants to upload them, you have my permission. I'm also posting the KVA instructions that I received, the JW Automotive GT40 Parts Manual, 2 ZF drawings, a JW Automotive Electrical Wiring Diagram, a Clutch diagram, and possibly other information.

Hope everyone finds something useful.

Paul G.

I have them (kindly sent to me by a fellow member of this forum years ago), send me a PM, with your email, and I can send them to you...

Ron Earp

If someone will kindly email these manuals to me I'll host them on the site so that everyone can access them at any time. PM me for an email address.
I noticed - when checking the wiring diagram and comparing to my loom- that the location of the pins in the connector is not in line with the diagrams. The colour code on the wires are present on the connector but the re-arrangement is different - so you think it is okay - but the pin locations may be swapped...just to let you know.
This must be depending on each car... I must say that on mine, everything on the loom was matching with the diagrams : color code and location in the connector.. (except what had been messed up by the previous owner...)

No problem. A fellow member of this forum just sent me some nicer and clearer diagrams than the ones I had previously (many thanks to him), I take the liberty to send them to you at once.

Good luck with the wiring..