GTD engine lowering recommendations please

Posting here rather than the technical section as I'm asking for recommendations for someone to carry out the work for me as I don't have the technical nous. (Although please move admin if inappropriate)
I'm looking to have the engine/gearbox lowered on my GTD.
I've been in touch with both Frank and Mick (the only two I know of with the experience) but neither are able to help at this time.
I don't know of anybody else but was just wondering if there was another individual or company (I'm in the UK) who would be able to "adapt" the rear of a GTD chassis (safely) to accommodate a lowered engine/box?
Any advice or recommendations greatly appreciated.
Oh, and a Merry Christmas everybody.



Mortified GT
Fit lowered/ altered engine mounts, engine height 9" measured from underneath block to floorpan. Fit SGT rear end (AK Sportscars) sort out exhaust and gearlinkage, job done.
I contacted Mick for a SGT rear end but as he was winding up the business, he couldn’t help out. AK have told me they won’t be in production until the spring, I have no idea if they’re going to still be producing the rear ends on their own? But it probably won’t be for many months, if at all……