GTD Guys!!!! M3.550mm roll pin

Howard Jones

Anybody have a source for small quantity's, 50 pieces or less, spring pins for the center pin in a two pin arrangement to be used for fixing the CV joint adapter to the output shafts on a R21 gearbox. I have the large out side size, M6 X50mm, but would like to add the smaller size inside of it. That would be M3.5 X50.

I really only NEED 2 but would like to keep a few on hand. If someone has a few extras I would pay dearly for them.

The smallest quantity I can find here in the US is 2500..................
Hi Howard,
Just in case you couldn't find a bleeding heart to help you in Uncle Donald's country, you can try this : (as far as I've got in mind the right translation for "spring pin" :uneasy:)

Sorry, it's in France (not the easiest for you I admit), 10km from my home, and you can order only the number you need, 0,16€/each. With the shipping cost to USA, it will be the price of gold, but probably cheaper than buy a bunch of 2500 :D.
In case, I can help with shipping to USA.