GTD40 Original builders manual.

David Morton

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I've just consolidated my two attics into one and in the process I found the original GTD build manual. My plan is to try and find if it can be reproduced and, as everything in life, how much. If you want one, just reply and once I have an idea of how many want one we can go forward from there.
I am sure they used to be here in PDF format somewhere. Paul Thompson had them.

If not. I still have the PDFs (if we are allowed to put up on the forum, I will check with Ron)
Correct me if I'm wrong (again!) but was the GTD the predecessor of the CAV car? If the answer is yes, would having this manual offer anything to CAV owners especially of the early cars?
I had it reproduced by the old Kinko's. As I recall it cost me about $15.00 US. I also have it on cd and can copy the cd for the cost of packaging and shipping. I also have a piece on rebuilding the power brake units, how I lowered my floor under the seats. and some other odds and ends.
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I have GTD build manuals, and some electrical drawings, all in .pdf files, provided to me by a distinguished member of this forum.

PM me if you want them.


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It would be good to have manual and drawings for GTD in PDFs. Can I have those for my GTD?