Gulf Race color codes

So I'm building a replica and really want it to look like the original Gulf Racers but I can't seem to find the paint codes. I called Ford to try and get the codes from the new GT but they were no help and neither was my local paint supply shop. Can anyone please, please help me with this?

Thank You

Ron Earp

The first step will be to post in the correct subforum on - Exterior/Paint. Another great help will be to use the search function - it has been covered extensively.

Mike Pass

Powder blue (PPG 12163)
Topaz (orange) (PPG 60812)
Royal Blue for thin stripe between orange stripe and powder blue (PPG 13126)
I went to the paint store today and the guy told me there is no longer a listing for these colors on the PPG database.....I didn't think it was going to be so hard to find a couple of colors.


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That was quick. Isn't it a bit soon to be waving the white flag?

Suggest contacting another paint shop with someone on the staff who's a more determined 'detective' or, like Ron suggested, give the ol' search engine a try - pretty much everyone who's used it has found it be a great tool. I'm betting you'll find it to be a fair bit of help also.

If you get real serious about researching the 'correct' shade of blue, have a quick look at the restoration of one the cars raced at Le Mans in 68 and 69... which had different colored resprays between seasons. URL="http://"]HERE[/URL]

None of these details is easy. Welcome to world of GT40s! ;)

Best of luck with the paint,


p.s. - you might want to go easy on Ron. Rumor has it he's got a real job in addition to managing this site!
I would like to try with another paint shop but I live in a small city in Canada thats not all with the times. As far as the search engine, I've tried looking but maybe I'm not typing in the words that will find me the correct other words, not having much luck with it. As far as Ron....not meaning any offense, just need answers and not getting any where....extremely frustrated...


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You can use Porsche colors. The codes are:
Gulf Blue - Porsche 73 - Code 328 or J9
Gulf Orange - Porsche 72-73 - Code 019
For Royal Blue you can take a Dark Blue

Best regards Martin
SR...I have also had issues with using the search engine on this site. This site should be to help and assist other GT40 enthusiasts...not to lecture

Ian Anderson

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It make a huge difference if you are logged in or not when you search

Need to be logged in

I use
Search Button
Then click on advanced Search
Loads of options etc to let you narrow down the criteria


Ian Clark

Hello fellow beaver tail:)

I can send you the paint codes in Dupont Premiere. We looked at PPG, Dupont, Glasurit, RM and went with Dupont based on quality and local support. I think all these paints are available through Carquest in Canada.

The PPG formulas do not cross over either so we had to do some scans of previous paint. Attached are pics of Angelos' Gulf 1075 CAV GT freshly painted hood panel and the laser setup to help layout the stripes. The stripes, roundels and numbers are all basecoat with Duponts 72600S Premiun Scratch Resistant Clear to topcoat.

You should come by for a visit sometime, lots of cool GT40 stuff going on...



What I found in some threads when doing advanced searches is just a lot of members telling people to "search" and nobody getting any real answers to this question....I think most of you don't know and just feel compelled to write in every thread. To all who have answered my question or actually tried to give some sort of help, thank you.


I would really appreciate the Dupont codes, that seems to be the only brand they sell where I live.

Thank You
I used Omni ( PPG's "lesser" brand) and can get you the codes by tomorrow if you still need them. I don't have them at work but would be happy to get them for you.


Ron Earp

Since I know some of the responses are directed at me I'll have a go at it here....

Dear Fellows that are Frustrated with the Site,

Have a look at The Rules

Both of you just joined this month or the last two months. This site has been around for eight years, there is a good chance we've got you covered with what you seek, but you might have to do a bit of work and digging to find it.

If you don't find it straightaway with the search feature there are other options - reading through past threads. Go to your User CP and Edit Options, select 100 posts per page, then go to the subforum you wish to read. You can scan through the entire history in about 10 mins and I bet you'll find what you need. Actually, I know you will, as us old timers know "Paint Codes" is up there with "Monoque Plans" and "What GT40 Should I Buy" questions on the site - and has definitely been answered.

Now before someone says "This stuff ought to be in a FAQ" - do we have volunteers, because I agree with you.

Enjoy the forum and don't let me scare you away, sorry for my quick response. It has been a long week.