H Craft GT-R, Jared's build.

Got the air filter housing finished up for now, it will capture cold air from the side scoop to feed the engine. I tried to get as much air space around the filter surface so as not to restrict the air flow, I had to add a small flat to the rear surface to allow it to clear the wheel arch liner.

Jared and his buddy Dennis came down to look at his car and check out progress, whilst here they wrapped the exhaust system, all 8' per side of it.

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Lots of little projects for today.
Cut and section the rear quarters just so as to tighten up gaps and fitment, 3 1/6" was removed between the rocker and the quarter panel then re glassed together.

The hinges were bolted to the rear support frame by drilling and tapping the steel for 6mm bolts

The frame was drilled and rivnuts were put in so that its easier to attach the rear valance, only the rearward tabs are left on, and the valance is trimmed to the front edge of the frame.
All of this makes adjusting for the hinges that much easier when you can do it all from the top side. Five 6mm bolts is more than sufficient to hold the valance on, plus two more down by the defuser.
setting the tail up to hinge is a real fiddle but can be done with care and attention, you have to glass in a brace across the rear between the hinge blocks so that you can then remove most of the trailing edge of the engine covers return, down to 1/4". shims can be added to move the hinge bases for and aft plus up and down and shim can be added between the hinge base and the hinge arm. all doable but defiantly a two man job.

The ECU got a little tray into which it will be fixed, the will fix to the passengers side bulkhead.

And I finished up the new hand brake caliper mounts these had to be redone as the old ones did not fit the 15" rear discs

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Rufus I agree H does some nice work, I keep asking him to put an assembly manual together for us first time GTR owners. Between H + Allan these guys show what the car hobby is all about sharing knowledge for others to use can't wait to get started.
So we are still plugging away on Jared's car lots of little stuff going on, along with insulation of the fire wall etc plumbing and electrical distribution for all the extra stuff we are adding.

the ECU mount and ECU in position.

Re mounting of the header tank along with the addition of the fuel reg and lines.

Electrical, the start of a long process.

Modifying of the GM loom


Jared V

No, that's not the new harness.
As Will states this is not the new RCR wiring. To keep the project moving along H and I went ahead with a different unit. Coach Controls. Its of course not designed around an RCR car so it will be more difficult to terminate the connections but overall is well built and designed. It should be able to do everything we need for the GT-R.
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New home of GTR's Northeast I am almost done with the outside then interior I have been after Uncle Fran to take some pic's of my car coming together in his shop but nothing yet I think this will be the first running a Ecoboost Twin Turbo


Well we are moving along with lots of little bits and pieces all of which are necessary and time consuming but not particular exiting.
I've started to look at the door latching, there will be a solenoid to operate the bear claw latch which had to be removed from the door, the holes filled in then swapped left to right to get them to operate in the direction of pull we needed. The doors will have a pocket instead of the latch into which a button will be located to operate the solenoid from outside, there will be a pull handle from inside to pull a cable to exit. In addition there will be a key on the drivers door which operates a cable to open the latch in event of a flat batterie.
The keyless entry system will activate the door latches when you get within five feet of the car.

This key opener will get fastened to the inside of the door skin with a couple of bond on studs.

28' of -6 bradded hose went into the PCV/Elite system. Apparently on the LT4 there are isues with oil getting vacuumed up under the supercharger so hopefully all the extra piping will fix this.

All in all a bitch of a job to make remotely pleasing to the eye.

Wiring is an on going project, we are already way beyond the functions of the basic harness, lots of extra stuff going in here, and not done yet!

Also working on patterns/moulds for more interior parts, gauge bezel and tunnel molds along with more parts for the door cards, this build will inevitably bring more parts to the market.

Started to work the dash in and put grills & horns in the rad duct.

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H Good afternoon, you have posted in a while I assume you are in the disassemble of your car for paint and completing the odds and ends for Jared's build. Do you have anymore builds behind Jared's build.
H Good afternoon, you have posted in a while I assume you are in the disassemble of your car for paint and completing the odds and ends for Jared's build. Do you have anymore builds behind Jared's build.
Hi Larry

Actually I've not touched mine since going to the dyno, I am so disappointed over an issue with the trans that at this time I have no concrete fix for, in that the second gear synchro is still broken even though I paid a guy 3K to fix the transaxle.

Jareds build is still moving along mainly on electrical, so many bits and pieces to do here, also we've been waiting for an upgraded clutch package to come in so that we could reassemble the rear end of the car, this arriver Tuesday only for me to find that it requires a dowel pin that as one right now I can't find, it would appear to need to be 11mm for the crank and 10.5mm for the flywheel.
Still lots of work to do to Jareds build, not to mention creating all the molds for the interior panels.

Steve Lobels car is also here for body mods, exhausts, door fitment, lowering etc

The 39 Lester still needs to get moved along, plus the general upkeep of all the race cars.

Just not enough hours in the day right now.
H well it could be the other way not busy, when your busy time flys so I understand keep us posted on the parts development and pricing as you build your parts inventory
The LT4 is not user friendly when it comes to installing extra sensors for the gauges, there just aren't places to put them, so Ive removed the intercooler heat exchanger and I'm working on this sandwich plate into which I can plug the oil pressure and temp sender and water temp sender.