Hello from an Old Timer

I've been enthralled with GT40s since I first saw the Gulf car at the Indy museum. I was able to visit England and tried to find Safir in Slough, but never made it there.
I did make it to KVA, and met Ken. Ended up purchasing one of his frames and bodies. Before I had it shipped, visited GTDevelopments, and purchased one of their frames, and had the whole thing shipped to the bay area in the mid-eighties. Worked on it for a while, put in a ZF tranny, a Ford 289, and put a lot of work into it. Marriage and twin boys pretty much put the brakes on it and it's languished in the garage, and moved to Reno, NV with me. With the death of my wife, I thought about working on it again, but just haven't been motivated to get it going. I'm on here to try and asses it's value, and then sell it to someone that will finish, and get the joy out of it that I expected.

Thanks for building a site for the GT40 fans and owners.
Welcome to the forum.
Sounds like you have had a long journey with this car.
I as well have a project that is in storage waiting for the right time and money to be able to finish it.
With the gathering of the GT40's this coming summer hopefully this will get a few people into finishing or working on their projects.
Best of luck
First off welcome to the forum. Don't be too hasty to sell "your baby". I lost my Dad about 1 1/2 years ago. It took most of my enthusiasm away for just about any projects. Give yourself some time. A project can give you something to do & take your mind off your loss. I started working on my 56 Chevy. pickup. But found it just didn't interest me much. Then I dug out my Lotus & it's really been what I think I needed. They both have been in the back ground for some time too. Joining the forum just might be what you need to re-generate your interest & enthusiasum for the project. Look through some of the build threads & see if it does. A lot of good people here too.
Paul, also welcome to the forum. I whole heartily amplify Mike's comments . I just returned from the Amelia Island Concours and talk about a jab of enthusiasm....WOW! Maybe a trip to the upcoming GT 40's event is just what you need. After a tragic loss we need something (at least I did) to move me through the sadness. Your project (which sounds like a damn good one) might be just what you need. As for value, should you continue to pursue your desire to sell, I'd suggest you post some clear pictures of the parts/kit and I'm sure you'll get some interest. The ZF box and engine are worth quite a bit on their own.

Good Luck whatever you decide.
Paul it is good to hear you are still contemplating the life of your GTD40. The value is going to depend on a lot of variables. How much of the build is done? What condition is the fiberglass body in? What is the quality of the work that is completed? Do you have the parts to complete the car? If not , what is missing? You get the idea! I remember going for a ride in it without the body and it was pretty quick. Wild guess by me is that it could be worth anything from $15,000 to $30,000. Good luck.