1. IanAnderson

    Happy 4th July

    Hey I hear today’s a big day over the other side of the pond. To all our American friends on this site, have a great day! Ian
  2. B

    Hello to members!

    This is a really long shot - but I'm trying to track down a GT 40 with the registration of K40 GT. It was Blue and first registered in 1971. It's not showing on the DVLA pages. However it was a little different in that it had the Gurney Bump (or similar!) It belonged to my partners Father for...
  3. J

    Monocoque Chassis

    Hello everyone from here in Chester. I went to my first GT40 Club meeting in the northwest of England last night. Thank you Pete Thompson for a great meeting with lots of advice and enthusiasm. I want to build a GT40 and I’m thinking about what chassis to start with; it appears that monocoque...
  4. P

    RCR40 video

    This is a great video about a builder, and his car- which happens to be an RCR40. Great story, and a very well-shot video. Check it out here: Eric Dean’s Temple: A rowdy home-built Ford GT40 | Why I Drive - Ep. 1 - YouTube"]Eric Dean’s Temple: A rowdy home-built Ford GT40 | Why I Drive - Ep...
  5. B

    The Making of "The Italian Job"

    This is a wonderful behind the scenes look at a great movie (the original) The Making Of The Italian Job 1969 (This is the self preservation Society) - YouTube (part 1) The Making Of The Italian Job 1969 ( It's All About The Mini Coopers) - YouTube (part 2)
  6. bill kearley

    info please

    Exhaust system required, 427w in a MK1 CAV. any info would be great.
  7. R

    Switch Labels

    I needed to buy a new Hull ID number plate for my old boat. Used A-1 Engraving Service (Engraved Tags, Nameplates, Labels, Memorial Plaques and Signs). Great price, great quality, great material selection, and really fast. I'm going to use them to label my other switches on the boat. I have...
  8. glloyd

    Buzby rides again!

    We had a fantastic time last weekend at the Silverstone Classic. We were invited to compete in the Celebrity Charity Challenge. This was another two race event, sharing the car with a Celebrity who raced on the Saturday, whilst the owners raced on the Sunday, with all the proceeds going to...
  9. drdrdrt

    Goodbye to a Great Man!

    Farewell to a Great Man and long-time member of the worldwide motorsports community, Vic Edelbrock.
  10. L

    Can Am M1 - the last one ...

    After designing and racing a Can Am M1 I thought I share the build of my version of this race car. I am located in Southern Germany and pay great respect to the forum and the amazing energy and creativity of this community. Hope that my pics upload ok ..
  11. Dave Hood

    Flaps to Minimize Tire Debris

    Paul Whitlock recently installed rubber flaps on my back and front clip to minimize the amount of debris my Avons kick up. It's amazing how this easy fix (which you hardly notice) works. Now, instead of having to vacuum my engine bay after every drive, there are virtually no stones to deal...
  12. PeteB

    Aftermarket shifter options?

    I've got about 1200 miles on the car now, and the one aspect of driving it that I'm really not happy with is the shifter. The throw seems too long and 1st and 2nd gear are really hard to find. Anyone tried or know of an aftermarket shifter that would be compatible with the Graziano? A couple...
  13. R

    Front suspension lifts

    Hi there Does anybody know of suspension lift kits that fit Qa1 shocks, not looking for too much lift but 50mm would be great. Cheers
  14. K

    And now,, Chuck Berry..

    RIP. Thanks for the music mate... Geez, they're all popping off, still he was 94 - a great innings...