i m new here
My question is relative to a car which had been traveling around the world, maybe >america >england>hong Kong>Thailand as far as i know the story.
We would be glad to share with you it's identification plate in order to know its origin and pedigree from you, dear Xperts....
we dont find any id number on engine itself but have only a plate as following:

GTD 40 MK1
Chassis No 6A93H563544
Engine No 64996

I guess 1964, but MK1 were so rare as far as i know...
could anyone tell me which model and year it is ? and what about the engine specs
Thanks by advance.


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Brian Kissel

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Hello, please see your PM. I think for anyone to help identify the car, we will need more pictures than just the id plate. Different manufacturers did their suspensions different and bodies were different also. It’s one of those things where you help us, perhaps we can help you. There’s some really knowledgeable people on here. The ones in the UK seem to be able to identify almost anything.
Good luck with your search, but please post pictures.

Regards Brian
Hi Brian, thank you for your advice.
here and above are some pics of the car, before we took of the frame parts
sorry post above was my mistake, newbie sending.


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Cross over chassis members above gearbox and the rear body and ARB mounts do not look like GTD to me. GTD chassis numbes are stamped directly into the chassis and not on a chassis plate. Some builders used a chassis plate to give their own chassis numbers for what ever reason.


looking at the condition of the odd chassis bits, it seems these could be customer modifications. Rear gearbox mounts look different too.