Help me with my bits.....

Wondering if anyone can help me figure out what parts I need to acquire to get my 347 to bolt up to my 016 properly.

These parts (along with a very nice 016 including adapter plate) came from a nice guy on the forum here but I've lost touch.

looks like I have clutch/pressure plate, adapter ring, pilot bearing, audi 016 t/o bearing, and alignment tool. Look right?

So I'm guessing I need a SBF flywheel here.....?? Any particular one? What else do I need? Other than some smarts about this whole thing that is......

One related question, what starter bolts on here to the Kennedy adapter plate? is it a standard SBF started?

Help from anyone who has put one of these Kennedy kits in between a SBF and 016 is much appreciated. Thanks.


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Hhhhmmm.....nobody with some hands on experience with the 016 and the Kennedy adapter? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
Hi Cliff - I would try contacting Kennedy Engineering Products directly. They have a web site with a lot of info about their products and contact links. No doubt they will be very helpful. I am in a similar situation and needing various fasteners for my adaptor and planning to contact them in the near future.
Well now I'm about to be in this very same boat :)

Did you get answers to any of your questions on the flywheel and starter?

I found the part number on the adapter plate and traced it to a place in South Africa called Gilo Engineering. I sent them an email so maybe they can answer it.

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Gilo got back to me and I need to get them some more information, but they seem happy to help. I'll post what they tell me when I find out. They seem like a good place to get adapters made for just about anything.

Gilo Engineering Home Page