Help me with my starter problem

My GT40 wouldn't start last week. The starter sounded like it was spinning or grinding. So today I took it out and hooked it up to a battery. I placed the negative terminal to the case and the positive to the small B+ lug. All the starter would do is go 'clunk'. The pinion did not spin. I checked the flywheel teeth and they are fine. So is the pinion on the starter. I am assuming the grinding noise was the Bendix (starter solenoid)

1) Did I hook it up correctly?

2) Is the Bendix shot?


BTW - this is a new FRPP hi-torque mini starter
OK Scott
I did as you said and got a different result. But it's definitely bad. I put B+ to the large terminal and use a screw driver to make contact with the small stud. The starter spun but the gear did not move. The starter is indeed bad.

Thanks a bunch. As usual, you've been very helpful

If i´m not wrong to make the starter turn you also need a positive to a bigger conneection, the small one just activates the solenoid ( thats the clunk), As soon the solenoid is activated the connection for the big power supply is made internaly, but you need some source from outside also.
At least thats the case on the starters i know

Hi Tom
Yeah, I goofed. I went back as Scott and yousuggested and found that the starter spins but the gear doesn't move forward to engage the flywheel
Sorry Bill

In the time i searched for a wiring diagramm Scott already answered.

My reco: it is good money spent on a decent quality starter ( not the cheap e... things)