Starter Motor Type RAC517?

Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Having issues when hot with weak starting, so looking at high torque starter and replacing cables.
Renault UN1 transaxle and Ford V6 flywheel but starter seems to be different to the normal RAC407 type but with same 9 teeth pinion.
As far as I can tell it is RAC517
The mounting hole pitch looks smaller than in the pictures for the normal RAC407 Capri V6 type
In my case the mounting hole spacing is about 4inches, and the spigot diameter 3inches.
The starter motor is a Bosch 0001311037 which from limited information I get from Googling could be a Granada 2.9 fitment. (Cologne V6)
Does anyone have the same or can enlighten me please?
I note that the Racemettle site doesn't list an RAC517 at all, but I can see a Powerflite one.


Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Getting some dimensions from Powerlite to make sure it fits before I buy. Here is the Bosch, you can see that the flange is smaller than the RAC407 Essex version. Had been butchered to compensate for spindle wear.


Brian Magee

Hi Dave,
The standard Ford small block starter motor mounting dimensions are
Locating step = 4 1/8"
Distance across mounting holes = 5 1/4"
The mounting holes are offset by 5/8" from the centre line.
All these measurements were measured with a steel rule and cheap vernier but should be fairly accurate.

Hope this is some help


Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Hi Brian, thanks for the dimensions. So those are the standard Small Block starter dimensions, but for replicas using the Renault UN1 with Ford Essex flywheel, it is usual to have an Essex V6 starter motor, which has the flange dimensions of the Racemettle RAC407. In my case however, the starter motor is from a Cologne V6, having symmetrical holes with a spacing of 4inches, and a 3 inch spigot. This is Type RAC517. I phoned Racemettle today, and am to phone again tuesday when their expert will be back in, but am told that they do supply that flange although I didnt see it in their website.
best regards