Help needed??

Hello to all gt lovers out there, my name is Kees come from the Netherlands and just bought my nr1 dream car! Only got one problem its a gtdmk1 and want to put in a 450hp 302ci in it. That should be no problem as i own a american car shop but i dont seem to get trough to the gtd people??? Does not excist anymore?? What i need is the parts to convert from the renault gearbox to the 302 and maybe a excaust systeem? Also need to change the drum brakes at the back and need parts and where to get them to? My email is [email protected] I thank you in advance! Kind regards Kees.
Hi Kees
Welcome to and congratulations on getting your GTD Mk1.

The Original Company, GT Developments, no longer exists although the chassis is still available from Roy Smart and there are many other reputable suppliers of all bits and pieces. From Bodyshells and suspension parts, to windscreens or Reconditioned gearboxes.

The transition from the Renault gearbox (UN1) to the 302 motor generally requires both gearbox bellhousing and adapter plate and I am sure that numerous persons will now reply or contact you to help.

One possible source and wealth of Renault Gearbox knowledge is Chris Cole of 'Mach 2 Transmissions' who can be reached on +44 (0) 1952 416051.

Best regards....Paul

Additionally - (and not wanting to sound 'pushy') you might consider joining the GTD40 Car Club. We have members Worldwide and welcome ALL marques of GT40 or persons with an interest in GT40s. The Club mag also provides an often useful resource of technical 'know-how'....:)
Thanks Paul, seems a good idea to join the GT40 club! Where can i register as a member. Regards Kees.