Henty's scratchbuild GT40

Ok, so some slow but meaningful progress has been made. I have bought an engine, a 2016 Ford Coyote racing engine. The engine has run for one season in a Ford Ranger 4x4 off road car that belongs to Neil Woolridge from Neil Woolridge Motor Racing here in SA, to say I'm excited is an understatement:thumbsup::thumbsup: The other good news is I have tracked down a 2nd hand set :thumbsup::thumbsup:eek:f South African made Halibrand look-alike rims.


Hi Robert
Thanks, bit of a story behind those rims.

I saw them on a light pick-up some 18 months ago on my way to church. I eventually tracked down the owner and found out they were South African made rims:thumbsup:

Then I tracked down the manufacturers and they informed me that they did not have any in stock and there was no rerun planned. :thumbsdown:

Some 18months later I walked into a tyre fitment centre and there is a rim on the shelf that looked exactly like the ones on the pick-up! On inquiring about the rims the gent said "they are 2nd-hand and are for sale" needless to say I had to tie myself down, I nearly leapt with excitement. Then he told me the price, half the factory price, with tyres that are fair rockonsmile. Needless to say I made an unplanned but very happy purchase :pleased: