Hi from Auckland New Zealand

Mat Broederlow

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Hi Guys!
Just new to this blogging so bear with me! I have a partly completed RCR 1967 GT40 Mk4 which I bought in from the States about 6 months ago and having just finished remodeling my wife's house and my garage I'm now just getting into working on it! I have a few questions on a bunch of stuff which I have emailed Fran about but he's been busy so I'm still awaiting for his reply!

The body has had no work done to it as it is in 'straight out of the mold' condition and in fact the previous owner (now deceased) had some different ideas to me on how it should be mounted but all good nothing that can't be fixed. It was fun a Xmas as I told my family that I didn't want any gifts as I had '86 boxes' in the garage to open and catalogue so it's been a real buzz! It has all the bits to certify it for the road with AC and lift kits so I'm working towards that but here in NZ LTNZ (that stands for Land Transport) have their own idea on how a 'low volume' car should be built! Bruce McLaren (a beloved Kiwi) would turn in his grave if he new what our government now puts us through!

It has a Ford 5L Coyote EFI fuel injected motor bench tested to [email protected] and it's hooked up to a 6speed Porsche G96.5 box with LSD Giken Superlock and Wilwood brakes! Here is a Dropbox link to a photo of the working end of her! Dropbox - IMG_2251_1 (1).jpg
Look forward to talking to you all as I progress!


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Hi Mat where I Auck are you as theres a few kiwis on here,
tried the link to have a gander, but my Kaspersky says it has a virus and shut it down,

will watch with earnest.
cheers john

Mat Broederlow

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Hi John! I'm in Greenhithe on the North Shore! Yes look forward to any help on this build! I served my apprenticeship as a motor mechanic working on race cars such as Mini Cooper S, Ford Anglia's, Cortina's and Hillman Imps in my spare time! Always loved the smell of Castrol Vegetable Racing oil!
I have spent most of my working life as a 'Pipeliner' contracting all over the world and a good mechanical background has aways put me in good stead around earthmoving equipment. Always wanted to take on a project like this but never had the time or the money but now that I have sold my business the time has come!
Quite a bit has changed in the motor industry since my day but like most things, 90% is preparation 10% doing it or you can struggle and do it the other way round! Talk soon....

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Welcome Mat. Keep us updated as the build progresses. Must do a road trip when mine is finished to meet some of you North Islanders.


I don`t have a GT40 but could be of help as I have built similar cars and live in Murrays Bay.
Email me on [email protected] and we can make contact. I currently have a McLaren M8B under construction which will be road registered.

Mat Broederlow

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Welcome to GT40s Mat!
Please feel free to start a Build Log in the following forum-
You will find other cars such as yours have already been through much of what you have ahead of you.
Thanks Randy I'll take a look at it! I have an old friend in the back of NSW Australia that wants to be keeped up to date with the build so that's a good way of doing it?