High Current connectors


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I am looking for higher current connectors for Water pump, fuel pumps, and possible unique cooling suit. I estimate needs for 20 40 amps which misses the sweet spot for most connectors. obviously we need higher current connector. Any ideas?
Request a catalog from waytekwire.com. (Their web site ain't that great, but their prices and selections are.) The other alternative (way overkill) is digikey.com.

Bill Musarra

Why wouldn't you use a relay for those high output devices?? I assume you are using switches for these devices or are you using a thermostat. I use both just in case I don't look at the gauges, or it just doesn't register that it should be on.
Then you just need a length of heavy wire to the device, or am I missing something in the post?? Waytek is one of the best for electrical devices. They make great timer relays.



Missing a few cylinders
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Anderson Power should have anything you need: Anderson Power Products

Most of the supply houses like Waytek & Digikey sell their products and their cost is very reasonable for what they're able to do.

Delphi's Metri-Pack line will go to 46 amps in the 630 family and 60 amps with the 800 family, and their cost is reasonable, but the bigger ones are hard to find. Most places can order them, but how many lots of a hundred do you need?

Deut$ch have them as well, but $$$ and they can be tough to source.
What type of pumps are you using that are drawing so much power? My weldon a1100 can support over 1000hp and draws max of 10-15amps or so.