Houston TX forum member, I can help

Howard Jones

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Howard Jones
I can house one of our Houston TX area members cars, that otherwise they can't, in Houston because of the flooding. I am here in New Braunfels TX and could do so for several months if necessary. I could also house another inside my Trailer at a locked and secure storage space.

I would also come and get you if you can't transport yourself one car at a time. Buy me a beer later is all I ask. God bless you guys and keep you safe.

PM me and I'll send ph # or call you and we can chat.
Jimmy P
HOWARD, you sir, are a HERO! I've always said there are some truly great people on this site and this simply reiterates that point.

I take it you endured no such flooding? My best to you and your family.

Howard Jones

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Howard Jones
If you guys can, donate to American Red Cross, Samaritans, or your favorite charity.

Samaritan's Purse — International Relief

Access Denied

above is red cross. it works I don't know why it says access denied

I had a good look in my shop and I can fit two cars in there if need be. That makes three with the trailer.

Texas has done so much for me in the short time I have been here. Seams right to give something back and say thank you.