how to adjust G50 shifter?

Randy V

Dwight - I can't help a whole lot, but what I can tell you is that the cables need to be secured solidly to the chassis. If when you move the shifter, any part of that cable jacket moves or wiggles - it needs to be tied / clamped down. Any movement in the cable jacket between the shifter and the transaxle is lost movement on either end.
When I was building new mounts for the cables I ran into this problem time and again. As soon as I secured the cable jacket along the route, the shifter started working properly.
CableShift was of absolutely NO help by the way....

Dimi Terleckyj

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As long as the cable sheath is securely fixed at the shifter end and at the transaxle end it should work fine.
In my experience the whole run of the cable sheath does not need to be restrained only the ends.


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I'm trying to bleed and adjust my clutch. I have a Clutch Slave Cylinder (1987-1998 Porsche G-50 Transmission) I think. The master cylinder is a 7/8 Wilwood unit. I installed a new master cylinder today and bled the system. I have about half a pedal and the slave rod looks like it's traveling about 1/2". I can't measure it because of the location. I have to use a mirror & flashlight to see it.
My question is, How much should the slave rod travel? How can I get more travel out of it? Is there air still in the system?

slave cylinder (2).JPG
slave cylinder (1).JPG


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I run the same MC and slave cylinder in my car but it is a SBC driving an inverted G50. I found that my MC (master cylinder) was OK but the slave cylinder bore had pitting from moisture in the brake fluid that is used as hydraulic fluid. I had to replace the slave cylinder with a new one and after finally getting the system bled it worked fine. Depending on how it is mounted, your slave cylinder bleeder valve may not be facing up. If it is not pointed straight up, not all the air will be bled when you loosen its bleeder valve.

Regards, Neil Tucson, AZ


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Thanks Neil
I bled the slave with an evac system and then I mounted it onto the car. I will go back and bleed it again with the bled valve as the high point.

I took it apart last week and it looked good on the inside, but something is wrong. I'm sure it's something simple.
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Neil you are correct, air in the slave.
I removed the slave and this time I made sure the bled valve was at the top. Re bled the slave and installed it back into the tranny. Clutch works like it should!
thanks I spend seven or eight hours working on the clutch.
Next crank the motor.