I Desperately Need Help

I'm just an outside observer so I'm going to suggest something outside the box - what of you remove the engine? Is that the 3.5 hr job or does it take longer? Again, as an outsider I wouldn't want to cut holes in anything but Ron and others seem to have a handle on it so that's an option. But how may hours have you spent racking your brain over this vs bitting the bullet? (and that sucks but...)

Either way, I hope you come to a speedy conclusion Bill - all of us what to see your car on the road and you enjoying your hard work! I know many ideas have been covered but if I can think of anything else I'll chime in.



Ross Nicol

GT40s Supporter
I think I get the reason for the holes in the bell housing now.Through these holes you could work an allen key to fit and remove the 2 hex head Trans to bellhousing bolts which are inside the bellhousing.This would allow you to remove the trans but leave the bellhousing on the rear of the motor hence overcoming Bill's problem.

Bill, pull the engine! Don't be drilling a bunch of holes in things. This is a show car not a race car. How many times do you think you will have to do this in the future? Probably never again. You can have that engine hanging from a cherry picker in less that 2 hours and back in the car before lunch. The holes will be there forever.
Dean is right! This is not a maintenence item, you won't be taking the trans out every weekend, pull the engine and get it done.
I agree with Deane, Randy & David on this one, just pull the engine and get it done- look at as just a few small jobs that you already know how to do rather than creating a mental block with the big picture. I am sure that your standing there right now thinking if only I had done it 'that' way the first time it would already be done- so what, its just another day--just do it!!:).

P.S., you are not alone, how do you think some of us learnt this stuff, wasnt from a book, but from doing it wrong-once- when you do it wrong twice it gets expensive to look in the mirror!:)
Hold on, I've got an easy solution to the problem: :idea:

Remove bellhousing from gearbox.

Slot bellhousing somewhat into position, resting as far aft as it will go (so that the face of the starter bulge is hard against the curved portion of the chassis that is causing so much grief).

Ease gearbox somewhat in position so that the input shaft is more or less lined up.

Secure inside bolts between bellhousing and gearbox.

Slot gearbox/bellhousing combo into place.

Job done! :thumbsup: