Insulation board?

I've removed all the expanding foam insulation from the front of the footwell and want to replace it with something better.
It's on the outside of the tub, so MAY be subject to (hopefully minimal) amounts of water, so want something that won't absorb water.
can anybody tell me of a product like that?

Try Brown Bead, you can get it from Maplins @ Lakeside. Its similar to Dynamat, being made of a bitumastic material, but also has a reflective surface on the outside face.

Brett, just been down there with cash in my sweaty little palm, only to be told...."sorry mate, we don't sell that any more"
Good eh?

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

Are you looking to insulate for sound or heat or both? Dynamat does make Dynamat Extreme which has an aluminized layer on it. That is what I used on the outside of my tub where it was vizible. While Dynamat and similar mastic and asphalt based products do provide very good sound insulation, they really don't provide much in terms of heat insulation. Most of the insulation material that I am aware of would not stand up well on the outside other than some of the ridgid foams, which sounds like what you've just taken off.

What you might consider is what I used under my carpet on the inside. I used layer of high temp mastic (yes, in addition to the Dynamat on the outside, but I have this thing about my car not being a noisy "kit car") and a layer of closed cell fire retardant polyethelene foam. It is not too expensive and works better than your typical open cell foam used as carpet padding. There is also the aluminized ticking material that is inexpensive, but very thick. This gives both heat and sound insulation (again inside only use.) There are some aluminized silicone fabric heat shielding materials, but these are very expensive and probably over kill for areas not exposed to engine/header heat.

You might try McMaster-Carr for some ideas on different materials. They have about 5 pages of different types of insulating materials. I am not sure how cost effective it would be to buy from them since they are located in Atlanta, GA, but you will get a good idea of the materials available and their relative costs.

Good luck!
As an alternative, visit B-Quiet for sound deading/absorbing materials. A bit less expensive than Dynamat. Nice folks to deal with. Happy with their products.

For thermal insualtion, I used an 1/8" thick ceramic material from McMaster Carr. Used single layer for parts of the firewall and double or tripple layer for the water pipe tunnel/console and center of the firewall. Most effective for it's thickness and is easy to work with. A Stanley knife easily cuts it.


Rob Bromfield

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Have you looked at the Aluminium Acoustic foam as sold by Europa (and others)?
Europa's website is and the part nos. are AAF1, AAF2.
I've used this between the engine bay and the passenger compartment and it works fine.
It's self-adhesive and you apply just like Brown Bead.
I have some left if you'd like to send me an e-mail of how much you need.

Tim Kay

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Anyone know where to buy Aluminum Heat Shield in the U.S. as sold on the above website Europa Spares? McMaster does not sell it in sheets, only in strip rolls.

I'm looking for a large sheet to adhere to the underside of the rear clip over the exhaust, perferably in one piece.
Have a look at they have the same type of sheilding. If you can't find it, and nobody else can help, and if you can find them, then you can always call on "the Gift Team"... Sorry couldn't resist it. I need to order some stuff, and can always send you a 'gift' if needs be.


Tim Kay

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Yeah, that's the stuff. If I can't locate someone here in the states with the same material, then I will definitely be ordering some soon from 'Car Builders Solution'.

Thanks for the link and thanks for the "Gift Team" option /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif