Insurance in France for a UK car ?

Has anyone experience of insuring their GT40 in France with a non-French reg.plate ? I am moving to France this year, but want to avoid the bureaucracy of registering my GT40, car, van & motorcycle in France. I have had one quote for 3rd party only for a van, via a broker, which was just plain ludicrous (£850GBP). I have a French address & bank account, as well as UK citizenship, but am in the UK right now. I know that my UK policy will cover me in France for 3rd party only, but I want fully comp.
Any ideas please ?
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My recollection is that car insurance in France is really expensive but you could ask Ken at Forty Towers - he must have an idea - what part of France ?
If I may advise you, keep you car registered/insured in the UK if you will keep an adress overthere as I understood (similar to Belgium) you cannot insure if not French registered (wich is a nightmare anyhow).
You may ctc Fred in France wich is a regular memeber on the forum.
Fred (from Belgium)



Keep me aware where you will leave for, we may have some cruisings together in the future !

Fred is right if you keep an address in UK, keep your UK insurance and modify your contract.

If not they are some insurances for specific vintage cars here which are very cheap, about 100£ a year for a GT40 (that's i am using) with good waranties.

I don't know if you will change your plates or not if it is i which you good luck with the french autorities
for the 40 .... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif
The best way would be to keep your plates !

Anyway if you have some specific questions email me.

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Answering my own question...
Outside of the forum, I've been told that it is possible to insure a UK-plated car using insurance from Groupama. I'll have to check this out when I next get out to france, but if anyone else has more, then please add to this string.
Still a lot of doubt in my mind about insuring a KVA though. Tony.