IVA pass today

I'm well pleased passed IVA today (second go) at Carlisle top bloke, very professional.
Now for the registration! Inching towards LeMans.

Well done :)

Any chance you could highlight what it failed on how you fixed any issues and any other tips.

How did you sort the bias bar in the end.


Andy Green

Hi Andrew,
Congratulations on getting your IVA certificate. Are you still wearing the smug grin of self satifaction of doing it yourself :laugh:

Did you get your slave cylinder issue resolved?

Well done that man ...... Really pleased for you ..... Don't forget to put up the fails and the remedies please ....

Thanks Guys for your kind comments.

Speedo probe fault and shortage of pick up points - caerbont and merlin star men!
External door handles - removal
Steering wheel - edges covered
Brake balance - adjustment lock nuts and wired
Hand brake - adjustment
Head rests - made
Tyre load missing - couple of tyres change
Weights corrected - letter of confirmation

Couple of hours work for us.
The inspector was top guy apart from the inconvenience almost enjoyable!
Well done Andrew, we have just had first test at Southampton, unfortunately failed on some issues however addressing these this week.
Well done.
Hi Andrew,

Well done!

I still miss my KVA mightily.

Wishing you many happy miles and a good run down to the LMC.

Thinking of you - I'm a fine shade of green!


Its never too late get back in the saddle!

Belinda wow you Guys have caught me and over taken me!
Have you started the registration paperwork yet, if so v55/4 or v55/5?

Thanks again all
Hi Andrew we will be registering as a new vehicle v55/4 I believe. Not started paperwork as waiting for retest. Good luck and hope to see your beast some time.
Hi Andrew,
Many congratulations, I know the feeling as I passed last week and had the same good experience with a very helpful DVLA. The help continued with registration completed 48hours later.
Cheers Roger Allen