RCR40 rocker panels - safety pins

How are the RCR GT40 rocker panels to be attached to the monocoque (upon final installation)?
Mine have been flapping loose at the lower edge. I pressed/glued a rubber seal between the lip on the monocoque and the panel.
A second question: does RCR supply the safety pins and their mounting pedestals for the rear clam shell or is it up to the builder to fabricate one to one's liking? My car has none, just the latches on the sides. May be risky without ( I once had a an E-Type bonnet -no safety catch - open on me while driving on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago - haha now but not then!). I'm particularly interested in the pedestals - modern pin systems which do not protrude outside the body work (IVA!) are available no problem.
Thanks in advance for any helpful comments.

Howard Jones

Do something like this using a "hood pin" kit ( multiple sources} and a homemade pedestal. These are made from 2X6X1/8 inch aluminum tubing with an end welded on it (facing the firewall) to act as a bolt-on surface.

You are correct in thinking you need these. There is a long history of GT40 "blown open" rear clams. Do it now!



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Ian Anderson

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Or aero catches


piggy backing on this thread, what about if you have pedestal mounts for the rear body work, but no side latches?

Howard Jones

You need the body catches to locate and hold the clam in the correct place. The hood pins are there to keep the clam on when you forget to latch the catches. Oh.......I wouldn't forget to..........ya that's what they all say. Hood pins only, will result in the rear clam bouncing around in place but kept from opening. Kinda like your street car with the hood opened but the safety catch holding the hood down.

Now if you are thinking about using the pedestal for mounting a catch of some sort ONLY. Well of course it will work but you eliminate the redundant safety inherent in the double catch/pin system at your risk.

By cheap paint job.

Ian Anderson

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Chris used to make these!

Your question on how to attach rocker panels seemed ignored. Every car I have seen has some form of metal screw both top lip and bottom lip into the monocoque. Is that what you used? And the screws ripped out?
Many thanks to all of you! My rocker panels are positioned as described in comment #6 of Lee's link above: the monocoque floor sits below the rocker panel lower edge. There are, however, no screws holding the rocker panels in place there. They are, so to say, suspended from their top mounting points (all solid there). Hence the rattling/flapping around when going over bumps. Along the lower edge, I simply wedged the panels in place using a rubber seal. This eliminated the rattling.
As for the safety pin pedestals I'll follow Howard's instructions and probably use the Style 2 AiroCatch system. Unfortunately, this may have to wait since the LS7 needs attention.