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Hi all

Still busy progressing with the car weather permitting :(. I've got the front suspension fitted now and half the front panels are riveted in place, I've also just about finished all the rear panels near the engine bay and these will be sent off to the powder coaters over the next few weeks, I decided against panelling all the engine bay in the end as want to have some accessible space for pipes etc. Talking about pipes I've managed to buy a good tool off ebay with puts a nice bead on my coolant pipes. Ive done a few tests and if I heat the ali before I put it on the beader I can get a nice bead without any cracks!

Here's a couple of pics, got some more recent ones but haven't took them off new phone yet. Rear suspension has been test fitted and fixings purchased that will be fitted when panels are back then I'll be back to the front to finish panelling and install brakes and radiator (That's on its way).


Just about done with panelling for the time being so heading back to the front of the car to do the brakes, finish fitting the panelling and mount the radiator (Should be here tomorrow).

Just looking to find the ideal position for my brake servos.
What do you all think of these ideas, I'm leaning towards the second one (just need to modify bracket). I don’t have my bodywork to hand so i'm not sure whether it will cause clearance issues with the front clip insert?
Alternatively my friend Dave Hensley suggested mounting them lower underneath the horizontal chassis member but this would involve chopping my nicely powder coated panel or the usual way of mounting them on the shelf above which may cause clearance issues with the clip.


Ian Anderson

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Why use the booster?
I can name a good few people, me included, who have removed them.

So long as the ratio master, slave, pedal ratio are correct no need for the booster

Wow way over a year since last post!
My work on the car is at least more productive than posting updates!
Had a terrible year, luckily I've had my car to keep my mind occupied.

Anyways All suspension fitted now, all hydraulics fitted just need a few more brake clips, roof spider just needs to be bolted at the front, have wiring loom and air con stuff now need to fit that and finish of the panelling, rear brake calipers on order from Hi Spec
Have engine block too picked up 89 302 roller block from Mike Huddart, currently at Anderson Racing engines awaiting me spending some money on internals, wife has health scare so that may be a while before I get them, got plenty to keep me occupied though.

Heres a few pics



Hi Jason,

Good to hear from you again !, looks like we have both had a pretty crap last year on the family heath front and stuff.

Just picked up a set of Granada Mk2 rear hub flanges and will soon have my chassis and running gear well on the way to completion. I actually haven't lifted a spanner in anger since my old dad broke his hip and mum was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Looking forward to moving things forward again.

Nick D.
Hi Nick, yeah last year was awful :(, hope things are improving for you.

Quick question for you guys, will I be ok running the loom by the side of the radiator pipe as shown in the pic or will it get too hot?


Assuming you're using std thinwall cable it's rated for ".. use at temperatures from -40°C to +105°C with excursions up to +120°C". 120°C is into serious overheating and if you're lagging the pipes then you shouldn't be seeing the same temp in the tunnel as the coolant anyway.

I wouldn't worry too much, just wrap in some heat proof over-braid/sleeve as well to be on the safe side.