Just a building update.

Well I thought it would be nice to give a progress report. Pictures will follow in a few days. I have now completed the fitting of all the sheet metal to the frame. The only thing that I haven't fit yet is the tunnel. I will do that this week. I have to take it to another shop and get it rolled to the right size.
I will start to permanently apply the stainless steel as soon as I figure out if I should leave some of the panel off for awhile. That's because there may be places I need to get to later that I otherwise might not reach with the panels on.

You are the MAN! Don't forget all the tricks 'cause we gonna be doing another one real soon.
How and where are your stainless pieces to be located? I put a lot of stainless pieces on my car. Made a big difference in the car. Might be able to give some pointers or answer some questions.


Brian Kissel

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Wow, this post is almost 18 years old. Hershel hasn’t logged on in almost 5 years. I don’t think you’all be getting a response anytime soon Bill.