Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build


RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
I remember to take a couple of pictures of the shifter badge you made me. Looks great. I have not installed it but I did lay it in place to see how it would look.


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Another one of the long term issues has been the leaking Wilwood brake fluid reservoirs. After nearly six years of storage I had the start of stalacmites on the floor pan from the dripping reservoirs. I made an attempt to replace the "O" rings and clamps but two of the three started leaking again after a couple of warmup/cool down cycles. Taking the same route as Chuck and Ryan (just like before) I purchased a Tilton unit and replaced the old reservoirs.
Looks good and has not leaked, so far.


Chet Zerlin

Keith was kind enough to send me a shifter badge even though I'm only a little less than 2 months past my deposit with Fran.
It will certainly be featured prominently on my console...whenever I actually get a console...:)


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After a 110 mile excursion last week in the 95 degree heat, and measuring the temp under the rear clip at over 130 degrees f when I got back. I again took a page from Chuck and Ryan's build and added two 5" Derale fans to provide cooling air under the rear clip.
I fabricated a "plug and play" wiring harness for the timer and cooling fans and made some neoprene spacers that fit under the three mounting points for each fan.
Final product looks pretty good. Hope to drive it this week and measure the under clip temp to see how well they work.