Knock off safety clips

Kim Haun

I saw a couple of original cars at the Rolex Reunion running these types of safety clips. Does anyone know a source for these?


Eddy McClements

That spinner could unscrew a log way before the safety clip catches which time the wheel and hub would both be scrap.
Have we forgotten the high science of safety wiring? If your racing and mega quick pit stops are the order then OK. Notice the small hole in the tri wing, it has a purpose.
Notice in the picture, it shows a short piece of tubing pushed into the hub and a very minor tack weld holding it in, together with the ability of the spinner can come loose before caught by the clip. I ALWAYS DO THE OLD FASHION WAY, SAFETY WIRE PROPERLY FITTED FROM WHEEL RIM TO SPINNER.

Randy V

Lifetime Supporter
The clips were supposedly for competition use only...
With that in mind - In the “Care and Feeding of knock on/off wheels, there were a couple schools of thought on safety wiring spinners.
1) Safety wire pulling the spinner tight. Checking the tension on the wire is not really visual, but requires you to physically see if the tension is higher than it should be.
2) Safety wire in the direction of pulling the spinner tight, but left with slack. The thought being that if you visually see that the slack is out of the wire, the spinner is starting to work loose.
In all the years that I have raced, and with my 40 having done nigh on a hundred serious events, I have never had a spinner undo or slacken.

I,ve always used a very heavy duty tie strap, quick to fit tightly through a wheel spoke and spinner arm, and even quicker to cut off for fast wheel change or maintainance. All scrutineers both here and abroad have approved.