I've been looking at GT40 kits to build, and just come across a part build KVA GT40 for sale. The chaps asking £4k for it. Any one know anything about this kit? Couldnt find any info searching on the web.

Many thanks
KVA is a mother of all UK -based spaceframe GT 40 replicas. They also evolved through the years. As from 1990 they had all new chassis. Also, as from 1988 they were granted to use the name GT 40 on their cars.

There are others here more knowedgeable than me on this make, but as far as I know KVA's were the first GT40 replica's. The company has long ceased trading. the KVA 'C' type chassis is held in high regard as one of the best.

Finishing the car will involve alot of fabrication & fiberglass work. the quality of the finished car will depend entirely on the skill of the builder.

Probably a good step would be to join the GT40 Enthusiasts club, many of the members have KVA's. All parts are available, but you will have to hunt around!
If you search their site there are many articles on the building of KVA's. The early models had a lot of problems and required a lot of quote: fixing . Can't tell you much more than that. Ask some of the Enthusiast Club members. They have first hand info.
Hi Tiger Dan
I live in Suffolk and have a KVA and a Sunbeam Tiger email me

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you're up late!!
If you can get a deal on a KVA its a great way into the GT40 world.Be warned its a sickness and an expensive one at that!!

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I have recently picked up a KVA Chassis and body.... how far along is it? eMail and I can tell what came with and how much I paid. I only live by Lakeside, so its not too far, either that or my Dad lives in Harpenden, so if I'm over I can give you a bell if you want to chat.

Thanks for all your replies.
I called the gentleman yesterday but he's allready taken a deposit.

I really like GT40's though so I'm not giving up....

maybe someone on here picked it up, it was rolling chassis and body, Ford 302 V8 block.

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