Lady Alice

Robert S.

GT40s Supporter
Thanks for this video! It was one of the best cockpit shots I've had the pleasure of viewing. Chino is merely 15 minutes north of Yorba Linda (Orange County), and I have visited the museum there often. But still, this video was very nice and all the mountain ranges, the view of the Inland Impire (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties) are all home to me. :thumbsup:

If you enjoy cockpit and outside mounted HD video cam views of compellingly beautiful scenery, like the Swiss Alps as but one example, complete with real sound and great background music, I have posted a collection of those videos under the heading of Sailplane Soaring - Real Planes, No Models. Those are all high performance expensive craft, no hang gliders! There are 10 additional plane video/slideshow categories too, listed under Airplanes. All as good as, and mostly better than tits ever will be. :laugh:

Go ahead, get lost for hours. Double dog dare ya.
Beautiful Scenery Shot W/HD Video From High Performance European Sailplanes