Layer Marney Tower photoshoot

On the eve of the Historic Layer Marney Towers economy cup, established in 1914, I was commissioned to do one of the most glamourous photoshoots that I and Gulf Oil UK have been involved with. I took some of my own "phone pictures", a couple of which I thought you might like.
IMG_2794 (3).JPG

We managed to squeeze the 40 through a garden gate and get it up the gravel pathway to get it in front of this magnificent Tudor building. Makes the racer look rather humble does,nt it !!! The second picture shows the entrance to the Great Hall with the 40, the record breaking economy Ford hybrid Mondeo and the lovely Unic which took part in the first 1914 event.



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Simply beautiful.
You must have enjoyed it.
By the way I know the Essex guy who claims to have mixed the cement for the bricklayers on that job.


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I knew that place and the surrounding area well in the 1970's and it brings back a few nice memories.