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I'm definitely not a fan of hanging a plate off the bodywork, so I think you have the right idea, Cameron. I mounted directly to my lower valance with floating nut-plates so the license plate is fixed and set back to not affect or block the heat extraction. I incorporated the license plate bolt LED wires into the rear light harness sleeve wrap so it looks clean and minimal. BTW, those single LED bolts are not very bright, and as is normal with LEDs, have a narrow beam so only part of your plate is lit in the dark. Once someone is behind you then of course the whole plate is reflected.

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Dave Hood

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Cameron, what is a "Hobbyist" license plate? Is that the designation for your GT40 registration in Wisconsin?

I've not heard of that before.

Hobbyist is one of the special designations available in Wisconsin. Basically, if your vehicle qualifies it's lifetime registration with no annual fees and no inspections, ever. $200 for the first plate, and $150 for each subsequent plate. You will see the "A" after the number, that means it's my second plate, third would be the same number and "B" and so on. Life goal is to run out of letters. The only restriction is that you are unable to drive the vehicle in January. Looking outside at -3, seems to be an easy rule to follow. Click here to link to the Wisconsin DMV if you want more detail.

Tom, thanks for the photo's. Power is already provided in the SPF harness on both sides, so easy to patch in and looks factory. I'll wire it up today and check the lighting. I don't think it's going to be a big deal. I'm hoping the last thing people are looking at when they see a GT40 at night is the quality of lighting on the license plate!

Here's a pic of my plate on my CAV. Had to trim the plate slightly. Note the backing plate that mounts the backup camera. Also, I do have an extra large 40. LOL
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I cut a groove in the rear body deck and put the license plate partially up into the body work. I used the Dremel MultiMax to cut the groove (wonderful tool for fiberglass work). I installed a row of LED lights in the body to illuminate the plate. This gave more room for the exhausts.

-Bob Woods
Tornado GT40 in Texas

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Bill Kearley

OK it's bin 5 min. and I still can't find it. I want one like that. Did you put a bracket on the trany or cross bar. I was thinking about getting Staples to foto and resize my plate into a sticker and install in the recess above the pipes
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Larry L.

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OK it's bin 5 min. and I still can't find it. I want one like that. Did you put a bracket on the trany or cross bar...
Blow the photo up, Bill, and look below the exhaust tips again. There is no license plate frame there...just two std head screws that hold the license plate itself in place sans a 'frame. ;-)

Larry L.

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To left window reflecting just right can barely see it.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! No wonder no one can see it! ('Wasn't looking inside the clam!) I think I can see it thru the glare sanding more-or-less upright as opposed to laying semi-horizontal? Yes? No?

In any event, there's noooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaay that would pass muster here in Washington State!!!