Lola Excercise Machine

I bled the clutch on the Lola last night. It runs from the Wilwood 7/8 master cylinder to the G96 six speed. It has the Spec clutch setup for the LS3 lump.
Wow the clutch is heavy! I'll have a thigh like Tanya Harding's (in her Olympic days) in a short time.
Will going to a smaller dia master cylinder be a good idea? Any other suggestions?


Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
If you think that additional stroke at the pedal is not going to be an issue, then yes. When I saw your "7/8" posting, I immediately thought "now that's a bit larger that I expected".
I spoke with the folks at GBox and they said a 3/4 inch bore would work OK, so it's on order from Summit. It will be interesting to see (and feel) the results.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
The 3/4" appears to be the vast majority of all sizes I've seen used for various applications. I'm using that size for my Mitsubishi slave cylinder on my 930 box. You should see ~35% increase in stroke, and decrease in pressure applied.