Lola T70 spider project


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I'm new to the forum and hoping to get some assistance in building a chassis and suspension or buying these parts. I have acquired a Lola T70 spider body which was a factory made spare from another T70 owner. I would like to make a period correct copy/replica for my own use.
I have my own fabrication equipment including tig welder etc and would like to know if chassis blueprints or drawings are available any where?
Any help is appreciated.


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Must be from Italy. Has fragile' written all over it.
No from UK via SA then NZ to Aust from what I can determine. That's how the english spell fragile. Yes I understand they spell some things a little differently in USA like color versus colour etc.
So here are a couple of pic's of what was inside the boxes.
Now to get some funds together and a build plan plan for the project so I can make a start. Luckily I have a 350 chev race engine with 48 IDA's I can use from another car to help a little.



Received my Lola wheels recently so it was a good xmas and wanted to share. This build will be a slow process as original parts are hard to find but I'll try to purchase them as they become available. If anyone knows of any T70 parts or leads let me know.


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Are you building your own chassis?
Good question and one that's been frustrating me. I was intending to build my own chassis but finding correct blueprints is not an easy task. There are people who can make me a chassis so the information is out there. Maybe I haven't met the right people yet or networked enough to obtain that information but I'll keep trying. I have some more leads but there are some people in USA I am having trouble finding.
I would like to buy a chassis tub from the UK but the currency exchange rate and taxes puts it out of my reach.
Hi Karl,

quite an ambitious yet fascinating project, best of luck.

How accurate do you want your chassis to be?




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Hi Marcus,
As accurate as possible I figure to do the body justice. I have a lead on an authentic reproduction chassis but it may take a few weeks before I have an answer on it. I have also followed your post with interest and have some questions if you don't mind me sending you a PM?
Have been busy of late knocking up a chassis from some scrap metal I had hanging around the shop. I think it's pretty good for my first attempt. Still a long way to go though.