Lola T70 Mk 3B Chassis Blue Prints

Hi Everyone,

I am interested in making my own scratch built Lola T70 Mk3B replica with the steel / aluminum tub. I have been able to locate fibre glass body shell, however I have been unable to locate drawings / blue prints of the chassis. Does anyone know of a source that I can find online or purchase.

Thanks for your assistance.
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there is very little steel in a mk3b chassis, save for the front crossmember and rear engine mounts/trailing link/ lower roll cage unit and odd stressed suspension mounting points.
You will find it nigh on impossible to find original technical drawings for a chassis.
Do you mean you want to construct a steel space frame with alloy panel cladding ?


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Howard Jones

I believe that a GTD or even a more modern (current) GT40 space frame chassis such as a Tornado or Southern GT would work pretty well as a starting point. Of course, there will be modifications but the basic wheelbase and length of the overall chassis would be pretty close.

Ian Anderson

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Perhaps GD Cars

I second Graham about finding those very very rare blueprint drawings .....
There is a gentlemen on this forum who was used to post an excellent thread about the building of an amazing recreation of the chassis ; steel and aluminium parts
In Uk There is also one supplier of exact reproduction of the chassis ( Linked to Eric broadley family )