Looking for a RCR or maybe other GT40 MKII roller

Hello All,

If anyone knows of or has an RCR GT40 MKII kit for sale, I'm a buyer. I'm also open to looking at some other kits but I've ruled out TSC so far and not interested in a Superformance unless it's a real great deal (I'm not sold on the "continuation" deal they're selling). My ultimate find would be a finished roller painted black. Maybe someone who built it or had it built or even one that is in the process of being built and they've lost interest. I'm open to looking at all options. Please contact me here or at [email protected] or by phone at 949-370-8699. I'm located in SoCal.

Thanks, Jim
Hello Andy,

After speaking with your rep here in CA, I was less than impressed but mostly because you don't support the FE which is the original engine for the MKII and I'm building an homage to that car. Logistics was also a concern with your company being outside the US and dealing with exchange rates and parts availability. Too many negatives for an already difficult build process, for me anyway.

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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You can speak direct to me if you need to in the UK by email or telephone.

We can supply a chassis without engine mounts so that you can fit an FE. Most customers fit a stroked 351 to 427 these days.

We can ship the car direct to your home address and we have more GT40 replica parts stock than anybody.