Looking for CAV first series GTD 40 owners

Dear guys

i´m looking for CAV first series GTD 40 owners arround the world..
to help each other with parts...

we´re you ...:)

greetings from Germany
i´m owner of :
Model Type : CAV 011010
VIN No: 0437S B L AU66
Assembled : jean Fourie
I am an early CAV owner
Serial number
assembled by Jean Fourie
My understanding according to Andre 40 is there were 17 cars built as space frame cars before they switched to the semi monocoque. Help with parts sourcing would be much appreciated.

Steve Salasek
[email protected]
I have one of those 17 :),
unfortunately I dont know the serial number, as a previous owner used the number for a Superformance Mono.
By the way, is there someone out there having a set of papers for a Ford saying only "Ford" or "ford GT" on it, please let me know :) hotjonnyrod ad anarki.dk


I know a guy that own the CAV 010616 0434S B L AU66 he is located in Norway but is not on this forum
I have his manual that was in the car when he bougth. It is to large to post here, so send me a E-mail and I can send .
My mailadd:[email protected]
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